December 10, 2014

Guy Fawkes Mask

monstrosities commonplace now
& maybe always while
we are sold our fear,
dear the cost of
assimilated nonsense and mostly
I feel emptied out except for a rage
that runs cold and hard like concrete

tony sez righteous indignation is the cheapest of emotions
            and it circulates like pennies
            clattering into gutters
& held in bottomless jars on dressers
which are taken and cashed in for outrage
imported from countries
who pay their workers
but pennies a day

outrage inrage
it’s all exchange
‘cause it’s no use

so, yeah, fuck it
pull on your Che t-shirt & blast The Clash
pull revolution over you like a rhinestone cape
you can always lay down irony like the right bower
if anyone deeper in the game
calls you on it