October 6, 2008

Classic Rock Reconsidered

Hello friends. How about a playlist? I call this one "Classic Rock Reconsidered". This is how "classic rock radio" should sound.

Lou Reed - "Kicks"
MC5 - "Borderline"
The Stooges - "1970"
Johnny Thunders - "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (live acoustic)
Tim Buckley - "Anonymous Proposition"
Television - "Venus" (live in San Francisco 1978)
Patti Smith - "Pissing in a River"
Rush - "By-Tor and the Snow Dog"
Blue Oyster Cult - "Career of Evil"
Thin Lizzy - "Emerald"
Amboy Dukes - "Journey to the Center of Your Mind"
Todd Rundgren - "The Last Ride"
Pere Ubu - "Dub Housing"
Henry Cow - "Teenbeat (reprise)"
Captain Beafheart - "When Big Joan Sets Up" (instrumental version)
Little Feat - "Brides of Jesus"
The J. Geils Band - "Give It To Me"
John Cale - "Ghost Story"
Velvet Underground - "What Goes On"
Small Faces - "All or Nothing"
A. M. M. - "What Is There in Uselessness to Cause You Distress?"
Pink Floyd - "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
Love - "A House is not a Motel"
Jimi Hendrix - "Freedom"
Jefferson Airplane - "Volunteers"
Neil Young - "Revolution Blues"
Cream - "Badge"
The Rolling Stones - "19th Nervous Breakdown"
The Who - "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere"
Cheap Trick - "Oh, Candy"
Big Star - "Mod Lang"
Badfinger - "No Matter What"
Motorhead - "Ace of Spades"
Alice Cooper - "I'm Eighteen"
Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
Tangerine Dream - "Sunrise in the Third System"
Swell Maps - "Midget Submarines"
Wire - "Lowdown"
The Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen in Love"
Magazine - "Shot by Both Sides"
Brian Eno - "Baby's On Fire"
The James Gang - "Bomber"
Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Green River"
The Yardbirds - "Stroll On"
David Bowie - "Rock -n- Roll Suicide"

. . . and so on. Anyway, this is my re-imagining.


Matt said...

What companion accessories would go along with this mix? for instance, what medium would this mix be best enjoyed? (LP, cassette, 8 track, CD, mp3 etc.) where? (in the front yard washing the nova,back seat of nova in high school parking lot, shooting pool at a friends house after you got there in your nova, etc) how would you set the seen for maximum enjoyment of this mix. (i know - such a question is incredbly stupid, but how do YOU see yourself enjoying this?)

just a random thought. glad your online and outta myspace!

Bill Zink said...

Vinyl remains the best way to hear music, though I'm not a technology hater, so CDs are ok by me as well. 8 tracks always sucked, and I should know, I had a ton of them.

I don't know - somehow I imagine Ann Arbor, MI around 1979, just after all the shit was happening around there . . . in a rundown house in the close suburbs, in a house full of people just hanging out . . .