January 14, 2009

Death of a Salesman

Yep, I'm back in management again, trying to ride out this little economic downturn in a non-commission position. Things have been getting really nasty down here at ground level, so I decided to get out of the sales gig while the gettin' was good (or at least do-able). I am still with the same company (h h gregg), but now I drive about fifty minutes each way down to Elizabethtown, KY. The good news is that the job is 8-5, Monday thru Friday. The bad news is that the pay sucks. The good news is that the suckitude of the pay is not as bad as it would be if I were still on commission . . . I was getting down near minimum wage there for a while.

One of these days, when I step away for good, I'll tell the story of the salesman. It's a ripper. Until then . . .

Good hours notwithstanding, I'm still trying to adjust my sleeping cycle - no more late night typing sessions. That means this space will be slow for a month or so until I can figure out how things work. I still owe a bunch of people correspondence as well, so this winter blast may turn to a a balmy spring breeze before I'm completely back up to speed (though, no fears, I'll still be posting at a somewhat slower pace).

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