March 7, 2009

Fragment: Action Figures

Prank -


when the soul becomes great, it becomes prankish

ca-pering around the sun
as denial of the spirit of gravity
shed the earth
shed the parable permanence
become the parable elevation

escape the lying poets of

the ONE, the PLENUM
Permanent -

the problem is to leave the earth, and not to leave the earth
be that which must be left behind
and godless
the lion will
divested the happiness of slaves
be that which overcomes, that which must be overcome

squinting in the yellow sands
burned by the sun
surrounded by islands/wells/oases
oases where living things rest under dark trees
marketplaces churches government buildings
idolaters and idols and idols hiding from the stare of the sun

be fearless and great
be a struggle
a becoming
an end
an opposition of ends
the crooked path of will

"Whatever I create and however much I love it -
Soon I must oppose it and my love."

3/7/09 minus font and layout structure


E! said...

The beauty with which you use language hurts me from the inside out. I ache and then I want to read more...ignore the psychology and skip straight to the metaphor...and the compliment of beautiful poem. Darn it boy, who was that English teacher or other writer that gave you the goods. E!

Bill Zink said...

Aw, I'm blushing. In this case, this is virtually a cut up of Walter Kaufman's translation of Nietzsche's Zarathustra. Off and on for several years, I would spend my lunch breaks copying huge passages of Zarathustra word for word into a spiral notebook. I hope someday to have a full collection based on that notebook. Right now, I only have about half a dozen poems, but someday it will be finished. Someday.

And sincerely, thanks for the kind words.