May 19, 2009


Posting will slow to a crawl here for a bit. We're moving into our new house in a week or so, and we're busy painting and all that good stuff before we move in. The pace should pick up 'round about the end of June or early July. In the meantime, allow me to annoy you with another playlist:

In Rotation - Late Spring

Black DiceRepo

Unknown InstructorsThe Master's Voice

J Dilla Donuts

Gnarls BarkleyThe Odd Couple

Al GreenLet's Stay Together

Giant SandStromasfull

BoredomsSuper ae

Masayuki Takayanagi/New Directions UnitMass Hysterism in Another Situation

Max RoachWe Insist!: Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite

DarkspaceDark Space III

Sonic YouthLive at the Continental Club Texas 1986

Dimitri Shostakovich - Symphony No. 7

Mahler - Symphony No. 8 in E flat - "Symphony of a Thousand"

Birthday Party - Mutiny/The Bad Seed

Harry Partch - Delusion of the Fury

Einsturzende Neubauten - Strategies Against Architecture

Doom - Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 10

Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered

Dicks - "Hate the Police" and Kill from the Heart

The Germs - Lexicon Devil 7"

Flipper - early 7"'s

The Mekons - Retreat from Memphis

Ween - The Pod

Until next time, stay beautiful, Ponyboy.


Matt said...

congrats on the impending move. don't forget to invite me down for an inagural cook out once you get moved. will you have a lawn?
smell you later.

josh said...

Bill, is there something wrong with the website or is it just me? I can't see any of your blogs other than "Mayday!" and "Jukeboxes of Clarksville Pt. III," and I can't read the latter. This happens on both my home and work computers.

Btw, congratulations on the new place.

Bill Zink said...

Matt - enough lawn for chillaxin', not enough for football. It will probably take me less than a half hour to mow it.

Josh - Dan made a similar complaint about a week ago, but whenever I go on it seems to work fine. Drop me an email if it continues to be a problem & I'll contact somebody about it.