December 13, 2009


Not trying to turn this into a sports blog, but . . . Really? Jonathan Bender's back? Great guy, loads of talent, bad knees, big bust. He was never close to 100% at any time with the Pacers. Even so, he did show occasional flashes of brilliance.

I know that three years off can do wonders for healing an injured body, but it was my understanding that he had no cartilage left in his right knee, or something like that. It seemed like they were worried more about him walking without canes than they were about him playing basketball by the time he retired at the tender age of 25. And now, you're telling me he's ready to go again?

This is not the story of an athlete whose sport was his entire life. Quite the contrary, in fact: Bender was a busy man when he left the game and, unlike most "entrepreneurs" who use their fame and rudimentary business skills to line their own pockets, he was as interested in helping others as he was in getting rich.

Well, he's a good guy, and I'm rooting for him. Good for him, and good on Donnie Walsh for giving him another chance. Lord knows he had skills, so if he actually has his knee back, we may see quality minutes out of him.

I just hate having any reason to root for the Knicks.


Matt said...

you could do worse than rooting for the knicks. you could root for the lakers.

Bill Zink said...

I will always root for any team with Ron Artest, even if it is the Lakers. Just like I will root against any team that has Shaq, even the Pacers . . . I would have to become a Pistons or a Suns fan until The Big Narc fades into the sunset.