July 6, 2010

If You Name the Tune . . .

. . . be ready to dance.

The BIG LIE, available everywhere cable television reaches.

brought to you by the If the Shoe Fits department of propoganda.

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Bill Zink said...

This is defective communication . . . and exactly how the crackpot wing of the right (and yes, the left, if you can actually find that in America) operates. There is stuff like this all over the web: post a picture of Obama superimposed over a hammer and cycle, then it becomes something that has to be explained, if not a truth.

There is some parallel between Beck and Goebbels, but really not much more than between Goebbels and anyone who is trying to spread a mass message. The one parallel is THE BIG LIE, i.e., an idea that, repeated often enough, becomes accepted as a truth, no matter how preposterous.

Someone asked me how Glenn Beck operates. This how, in part.