April 17, 2011

The Ohio When It Rains (for Josh)

I'm dreaming of floods again
  here at the foot of the Ohio
The rain has stalled here
  & the Kentucky is swollen
  & houses are sliding down hills
    out east in Harlan County

I'm driving through a dream at dusk
  toward Indianapolis
  in a Chevy the same color as rain
I can't see, and I can't connect
  & the dream is waiting, you see


  when is it time to move
  when do the gates get slammed
    across Adams
  when is it time to grab the cat
  & head for higher ground
  when does dread move to threat
  when does threat move to fact
when, finally, is it time for action?

I stand
in a hidden doorway
facing the floodwall
at the corner of Quincy & Adams
rain falling down like oppression

and long for the clear sun & heat of Tucson

from Spiel In the Face of Those Who Wish You Ill
written spring 2001

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