November 14, 2008

Eric Rensberger Poetry Website

My good friend (and persistent, although somewhat inconsistent Luddite) Eric Rensberger finally has an online presence. You can find his continuing life-project, Account of My Days, at Poems of Eric Rensberger. You can e-mail him through the site as well, though don't expect a timely answer, since he still lives sans computer at both home and work.

I have been friends with Eric since at least '87, and a fan of his poetry even before that. I wrote a gushing introduction to his poetry in the second issue of Bears on Text that I still stand behind 100%. If you have any interest in poetry, or even if you think poetry is shit since all you've read or heard is crappy poetry-slam ranting, then do yourself a favor and go here. You'll be glad you did - this is really great stuff.

Oh, and it even has audio clips of him reading some of his stuff. Nice!

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