November 24, 2008

In Rotation: Sun City Girls

Cobbled together a couple comp CDs that I play all the time. This is NOT a greatest hits (e.g., nothing from Horsecock Phepner, since I have it on vinyl long player & no way to transfer it right now), but it (they) will make your blood rise & your head explode. If you care what CDs these songs come from, feel free to drop me a line through the site & I'll let you know.

Sun City Girls pt. 1

Sangkala Suite
The Vinegar Stroke
Nyne De Gris Sang
Dark Chinese Sour
Animistic Trafficking
Dukun Olympic Theater
Journey to the Center of Your Mind
Carl the Barber
Garden's Green with Broken Chests
Drifters of the Grand Trunk
Lord Brown of Due South
Opium Den
Bustin' Up MAGOK
Lord White of the North
My Friend RAIN

Sun City Girls pt. 2

Anvils Keep Fallin'
Chameleon 2000
Blue Mambo
Bamboo Gazebo Arousal
Brahmaputra Plutonium
Balcony Sampoerna
The Night Fears Black Lajoon
Bangalore Porch Lights
Wide World of Animals
Where's My Fuckin' Jesus?
I Saw a Cigarette Breathing So I Smoked It
Tarmac 23
Tripoli Winds/Palm Desert Aerial
Garuda's Playhouse
Roast the Pig
Dark Eyes
Drippin' On Stupa
A Man Without a Harmonica

Well, there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Bill, I've got a cassette (that you gave me!) with Horsecock Phepner on one side and Grotto of Miracles on the other. I'm pretty sure I dumped it onto my computer; so, I should be able to burn it onto CD. Let me know if you want a copy.

Bill Zink said...

Thanks for the offer, but I've got my 4-track plugged into my computer, so if I really want a digital copy, I can get it done. Actually, if I ever took the time to get a preamp, I've got an extra turntable that I could plug in as well.

howsecologysquad said...

Sweet. I have engaged a joint too. They do so much so well. That's one of the best things to show people nowdays. Uhm.... Uncle Jim. Hmm... ah yeha, one observation: a few years ago it was easy to find SCG, now that everyone is just talking about them it's harder to actually get the stuff that it IS


Kia ora bro