July 4, 2009

How to Break a Full Court Press (For Sara Palin)

1) This is a simple, yet very effective offense to use when facing a full court zone press.

O1 takes the basketball out of bounds. O2 and O3 line up at the free throw line and will break opposite of each other. They may need to start out in a stack position and screen one another to get open. O1 passes the basketball to O2 and then sprints to the middle. If O1 is open, O2 passes him the ball. O1 will look to advance the ball up the floor with the dribble while O4 and O5 fill the lanes. O2 and O3 will fill in behind.

If O1 is defended while cutting to the middle, O3 should break hard to the basket area looking for a pass from O2. O2 will then break to the middle and O1 will break to the sideline. O3 looks first to O2 filling the middle. If O2 receives the pass from O3, he can advance the ball up the court while O4 and O5 fill the lanes.

If O3 passes to O1, O1 will look to pass to O2 in the middle. O2 advances the ball with O4 and O5 filling the lanes and O1 and O3 filling in behind.

The main thing in beating a full court zone press is to always have someone in the middle of the floor, with the other players filling the wings or sideline areas. Most zone presses try to force sideline with the idea of trapping at the corners...either near the baseline or near halfcourt. If the ball gets to the middle, the opportunities will present itself to attack the press, rather than letting them attack you.

From Hoops U.com

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