July 26, 2009

This Year's Beach Read: The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley

I'm trying a slightly different tack this summer for my beach read . . .
why not poetry? I've spent a lot of time with this collection, but I'm
going to try reading it consecutively from front to back this time. Here's
a poem early in the collection I like:

From Pico & the Women: A Life

Love God, we rather may, than
either know Him, or by speech
utter him . . . Disuse, good father

these things have rusted and
we know a man who speaks more
freely of these and other, of

all wonders. We have hands,
now, and can hold all wonders.
And yet man had liefer, good

father, by knowledge never find,
good father, that which they
seek . . . These words are twisted.


Today is a green day. Today
we are away from those involving
questions, that the gods have

put upon us, wittingly, to bind,
to fetter, and surprise. And
the god's eye is clear, is an

unsurprising blue, with which
we are each familiar. We are
born to blue, under, god's lid,

good sky, blue sky, with which
we are each familiar. We are
born to sky, under, god's eye.


He will be sleeping somewhere
else, little rabbit, in the long
grass, in the hole of his own

making. He will be sleeping and
it will be our fear that lies
so. It is not our time nor our

spirit, but we will come to it.
It is our lion of fire, our
triumphant animal, with his own

victories, our hearts' conquesting
beast, little rabbit, that will
not bite you nor otherwise harm.

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Bill Zink said...

So what did I learn? Creeley was a tit man.