November 3, 2009

A Long, Long Way From May to December

the rain turns the Kroger lot to a lake
halo'd red double dragon, nail, ear,
red and green light, Christmas every day,
life in death
life to death
the dying, the autumn of the year . . .

songs now plaintive whispers
moans coming from deep within the season
Ask the Ages
jazz called free but fettered
by the weight of life lived
a song of cold smoke fog
and autumn

life drying up, the battle joined,
life, death, battle's bitter fruit
fear -
fear creeping cold
curling around the soul like smoke
like traffic threading central Kentucky knobs
relentlessly onward . . .

frozen, as if out of time
today is the first day of something
today is a marker of nothing
today is just another day
today spins forward and backward
leaves fall, trees turn to black
the lawns die, the earth turns

how many twists are left
under this low sky
another autumn, another spring . . .

fog like cold smoke out of trees
belies the heat of the funeral pyre
what lives, what dies,
in the rustic brown of autumn?

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