October 26, 2010

A Knife In the Marathon

Stuck in my head, for reasons beyond me, are a couple songs from obscure early 80's Chicago punk band Breaking Circus.  From their first album:

An unidentified third world athlete
was wrestled to the ground by security,
he came up slashing
and was cut down like a dog
they said he had a

knife in the marathon (x8)

and with his gun on his shoulder
he said the only English words he knew:

I'll see you in hell.

And that was followed by:

The Imperial Clawmaster's statement of purpose and intent, PART ONE!
we intend to take the belt and we don't take prisoners
pay attention all you snot-nosed punks, we're gonna go for it
honk if you're horny! we've got a master plan and it GOES LIKE THIS:

______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!

stupid little zeros with the courage of a roller skate
we represent what YOU MOST FEAR!
7,941 undefeated amateur bouts, AND NOW WE'RE TURNIN' PRO!

______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!

______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!
______: DEAD!

The blanks are all people's names, and mostly unintelligible, but I think the very last line of the song is HEENAN: DEAD! which would refer to seventies pro wrestling bad guy Bobby Heenan, which would make sense since this is a pro wrestling anthem.

Great stuff.

Anyway, this little bastard has been sitting in the "pending" file long enough.  As always, add your playlists to comments.

In rotation:

Blues Control: Puff
Sir Richard Bishop: Knucklehead Freefall
Furlong/Anderson: split 7"
Rangda: False Flag
Anderson: XIII
Caroliner Rainbow Scrambled Egg Taken for a Wife: Banknotes, Dreams, and Signatures
The Residents: Intermission
Sun City Girls: Funeral Mariachi
Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation, A Thousand Leaves
Kurt Vile: Constant Hitmaker
Saint Vitus: Die Healing
DJ Spooky: Creation Rebel
Adeptive Radiation: Live on WNUR
Robert Ashley: Automatic Writing
Exceptor: Black Beach
Black Dice: Repo
Sick City 4: Down With American Drones!
Rolling Stones: playlist
Silver Pines: Forces
Von Bingen: Von Bingen
Various: What We Are Listening To 10/10 mix
Breaking Circus: The Very Long Fuse


Matt said...

ha - i remember the imperial clawmaster's theme. it was a good 'un. speaking of oldies, the gizmos have some videos on youtube.

Bill Zink said...

Yeah, the pre- Dale Lawrence Gizmos have a life of their own even outside Indiana (the Dale Lawrence Gizmos are big in the state, since Dale himself is still active and the Vulgar Boatmen are a pretty big deal in the state). Gizmo Eddie Flowers is still pretty active ( http://www.slippytown.com/ ), and I believe Ted Niemiec is still active as well. Ken Highland did a whole lot of stuff after the Gizmos, and the Gulcher label (originally from Bloomington, released all kinds of stuff including the early Gizmos singles and the first MX-80 Sound e.p.) has most of his stuff available. Gulcher even had a alt-rock hipster hit in 2008 with Kurt Vile's Constant Hitmaker, which is a pretty cool record.