May 13, 2011


Chillin' at the bus stop a little after 6 p.m. today . . .

Well, "chillin'" is the wrong word to use.

Sitting at the bus stop this evening after work, the sun glowering down on me while I wait, shirt sleeves rolled up & sweat rolling into my eyes . . . it's summer, baby.  90 degrees.

Meh - I seem to be getting used to it.  Gotta say the heat and the short (about a mile and a half) walk home actually can make me appreciate a really cold Miller High Life . . . though maybe ice water would have been even better.

Let's get a few shots from Up North:

Was around 65 up there, which, believe me, is a heatwave of an even higher grade than 90 down here less than halfway into May.

Let's scare up one from the neighborhood:

a little blurry, but it will do.  This one's off the back deck, a nice quiet shot of the back of Schnitzelburg.  Out front it's all about the Goss/Poplar Level traffic and the Kroger, but back here it's quiet.

I'll spare you the one of meat roasting on the grill - positively barbaric.

The livin' may or may not be easy, but it's summertime.  Peace!

Coming up: hipsters, the Tigers, Osama bin Laden, and maybe some audio to get you through.


mwhybark said...

Jesus, our high today was 45. Buckets of icy rain all day. Feels like winter still but the plants know better and the soil's above 50.

Matt said...

When were the MI pictures taken?

Bill Zink said...

Mike - Seattle is all about moderation, isn't it?

Matt - those where screenshot grabs from the cove cam the night the post originally hit.

mwhybark said...

moderation, sure, but 9 months of 45 is too much. Like to mold.