January 1, 2010

Aughts Down

I suppose it's all a matter of perspective, but this decade's gone & I'm cryin' no tears.

There were high points for sure, the highest being on Leap Day 2004, when me & my baby got hitched in a bar here in Louisville. Lots of my brothers and sisters got hitched too, so there was a lot of good family times, as well as a lot of great new people coming into our already huge family. And, let's see . . . I was in not one, but two very good bands early in the aughts, and . . . well, I'm not coming up with a lot.

On the downside . . . yeah, I'm not getting into that. It's pretty all over everywhere right now. If the narcissistic '90's were a remix of the solipsistic '70's, then the chickens of the '80's clearly came home to roost in the '00's.

Ten years ago this time, I was chillin' with a cocktail over on Adams Street, trying to decide if I was going to go over to Elijah Pritchett's house on Texas and kick off his mains at midnight. Elijah, see, was one of the more hardcore Y2K doomsayers I knew personally: so much so, in fact, that I decided to pass 'cause it might have been too much for him. Instead, I ended up over on Rufer Avenue blowing in the new century with the posse and a bunch of horns out on the front lawn. Tonight? As I type this, I'm cranking These Immortal Souls' I'm Never Going to Die Again in honor of Rowland S. Howard who did, unfortunately, die again just yesterday. I'll be wandering off to bed in an hour or so, and as this diatribe auto-posts at 12:01 in the new decade, I will be snoozing away peacefully in my bed.

Fuck it. Happy New Year. Death to history. Louisville peeps, hope to see y'all out & about this weekend. If not, soon.


Matt said...

". . . the chickens of the '80s came home to roost in the '00s." Beautifully put. I also thought that the last paragraph in this post summed up the aughts perfectly.


Check it out. Happy New Year. My gut's telling me 2010 is going to be a stand out year - in a good way. As you might know, I'm not prone to make predictions, esp. not positive ones. Yet, I can't help but feel optimistic about the year. I'm going to sit back and try to enjoy it.

Bill Zink said...

So, how did that year end up treatin' you, brother?