January 27, 2010

What They Want

At work today, another one of those interminable conversations, drowning in banality . . .

"I just don't get it. What do they [the terrorists] want, anyway?"

Well, they don't want your women, your cars, your cash, your lifestyle.

Here's what they want.

They want to be the matter of your obsessions. They want to be the fabric of your fear. They want you to never forget.

You have defined their victory.

1 comment:

edinblack said...


And they want you to fear them, so that you let your government do stupid things with bombs in other countries, so that the terrorists get more recruits, and with them can wash / rinse / repeat.

And the legislators here in the States get to write the Patriot Act, so that, along with the War on Drugs, they can throw away your rights and invade more countries.

So it's a basically win-win for everybody. Well, almost everybody.