January 24, 2010

We Built this City on Something Which May Once Have Resembled Rock and/or Roll, But Now Is Muzak (At Best) or Bamboo Under the Fingernails (At Worst)

We've got that ad all over TV with Eric Clapton pimping the new T-Mobile limited edition Fender phone, and a thought occurs: is there a less rock -n- roll song supposedly about rock -n- roll than Clapton's "I've Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart"? Excluding, of course, the all-time classic (and hands down worst song ever) "We Built This City".

This is group participation, folks. Let me know your picks for the lamest "meta-rock" songs (songs about rock -n- roll). Leave them in the comments below . . . along with your playlists, of course.

In Rotation
  • Eugene Chadbourne: Country Protest Anew
  • Henry Flynt: New American Ethnic Music Vol. 2: Spindizzy
  • Debussey: L'Apres-midi d'un faune, Nocturnes, La Mer
  • MX-80 Sound: Crowd Control, Out of the Tunnel
  • Skeleton Crew: Country of Blinds
  • Mofungo: End of the World Pt. 2
  • Verdi: Requiem
  • Sunn O))): Monoliths and Dimensions
  • Various Artists: Frank Johnson's Favorites (a Ralph Records sampler)
  • Paul "Wine" Jones: Pucker Up, Buttercup
  • Pink Floyd: selections from the Syd Barrett era
  • Willie Nelson: Greatest Hits
  • Shostokovich: Symphony No. 5
  • LaMonte Young: The Melodic Version of the Second Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China
  • Neil Young: On the Beach
  • Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2 & Songs
  • Mekons: Slightly South of the Border & Edge of the World
  • Mono: Hymn to the Immortal Wind


josh said...

"Rock and Roll Fantasy" is pretty lame.


Alex Chilton A Man Called Destruction
Weelkes Anthems
Chet Baker The Best of Chet Baker Sings
Charles Tyler Eastern Man Alone
Angry Samoans Back From Samoa
Django Reinhardt Djangology
The Belgian Waffles! Relaxin' at Caritas
Billie Holiday Greatest Hits
JS Bach Art of the Fugue
Harry Partch I Can Stand Everything but the Jerks

Rich R. said...

Seger - Turn the Page

Bill Zink said...

I don't know, Rich, I don't think "Turn the Page" has quite the level of sucktitude of the other song mentioned. Definitely in the neighborhood, though.