October 10, 2010

Fall Festival


today summer broke
wave receding from the shore
Labor Day weekend
scouring summer's beach for what's left

clear friendly day
weightless day
you can breathe the air
and walk the sidewalks
          of Germantown uncluttered
          by shimmering waves
          and translucent

night settles in
beer & drinks on the porch
shyly, sound travels better now

re-tune to G
approaching clarity of age, nostalgia,
loss - but for now
welcome September


fall comes in a rabid jackal
hot winds sweeping
across foreshortened day

up Dixie Highway from Radcliff
in the armpit of Fort Knox
up past the fort itself
          limestone mass
          from scorched grass
          perimeters visible & invisible
          you can't sneak up on it
not for all the gold . . .

brush the river
girls! girls! girls!
Rivergirls, Red Door, Syn Den
south end strippers
one lone chopper out front
and the heat banging on -

             in the end
what wears you down, as much as heat,
is the roar of wind & machines
           to cut the heat


today was shorter than yesterday
tomorrow will be shorter than today
and it will be that way
for a little while

once again in heat
that requires three digit explanation
the expansion of dark
doesn't dawn on consciousness
just looking to breathe free

but already
at the back of my mind
longing for the lengthening day
for another spot on the wheel
St. Paddy's Day, Easter
pitchers and catchers report
Thunder, Derby

dreaming of the last snow
before the first flakes fly

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Matt said...

this is basically where i'm at. well done.